Wellness, Weight Loss and Detox with Naveria Heights Lodge, Fiji

Because life is so hectic and we never get a chance to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically, we have created 3 different programs to restore your balance. Each of them is designed for you to get in better shape, feel happier in your skin and increase your vitality. We will help you to include it into your daily life at home, and continue living in a healthier and happier state of mind, body and soul.




FIJI'S SECLUDED SANCTUARY -:- get fit, get treated, get Fiji

Fiji and its people make a completely inspiring location to open up your energies and absorb the goodness of the Islands positive influences. All our therapists and instructors are passionate about what they do and their joy is to make other people happy.
Fiji's unique flora with its incredible health and immune system boasts qualities you don’t find in many other places on this planet.
Here the plants grow naturally and we can source them directly from Naveria’s own Garden of Eden. "Kura" and "Moringa" are consistent parts of all our programs and the results speak for themselves. You will be surprised how incredible nature can be!