Pre-Detox Cleanse | Naveria Heights, Fiji

PRE-DETOX CLEANSE Is intended to alkalise your body, which means to move your body from ACID to ALKALINE. When your body begins to detoxify, it will eliminate toxins. This can result in an increase in acidity levels, which can leave you with feelings of discomfort, such as headaches, nausea and generally wishing that you had done the Pre-Cleanse Diet!
For The Pre-Cleanse Diet try to eliminate the below foods 1 week prior to coming out for your Detox Program.

Alcohol, Bakery Items, Candy/Cakes/Sweets, Dairy Products, Meats, Salt, Sugar, Tobacco

Antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables are what you want to eat to eliminate Free Radicals. Free radicals are a waste product made up of broken and weak cells. If our cells are weak then it’s natural that our organs, tissue and skin will also be weakened.
When you DETOX your body will rid itself of Free Radicals or waste build up. This happens through drinking plenty of fresh water and a series of nutritional health shakes. This feeling will go away after a few days and you will be rewarded with a slimmer you, healthier complexion and over all glow!